A Short Note On Planned Market Research Presentation

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Subject: planned market research presentation
Hi Ling,
I am sending you the required PPTs for the planned market research presentation. According to the presentation feedback, I have made some changes of the objectives. The newly changed marketing research objectives will be to investigate whether there is any strong demand with the company’s products and services and to ensure the current provided products are in line with customers preferences. From here the company management can make the required adjustment for their business decisions.
Please offer your feedback and let me know if I need to make some changes.
Thanks a lot.
Eswarri Pradha Part 2: Plan market research
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 Qualitative data:
Qualitative Research is commonly used to develop a basic understanding of the problem. It is basically non-statistical in type of market research. It mainly uses an inductive technique, which is data that related to certain topics are gathered and grouped together into appropriate categories. The explanations usually developed from the data itself. It is used in experimental research design and expressive research at times also. The qualitative data gathered in several forms such as individual interview transcriptions; documents, journals and notes or records that have been made while observation, focus group and action research. Usually the qualitative research data collection methods are time consumable. Therefore the data is usually will be collected in a smaller sample to make it inexpensive. The main advantage of the qualitative data collection is that the information or result will be richer and usually has a deeper insight of a subject that under the study.
 Quantitative data:
Quantitative Research is the systematic and experimental study of obvious occurrences via numerical, mathematical and/or computational method of data collection techniques. The main objective to conduct a

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