A Short Note On The Social Media Marketing Essay

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The technology changes every day. It becomes an organization 's core motive to keep them technologically updated regularly, People believe what they see. It is very important to formulate strategies to promote the product or service as well.Marketing and advertising departments struggle to promote their brand and thereby raise its attractiveness. The social media marketing has changed the whole perspective of advertising. Social media marketing provides an amazing opportunity to connect directly with the customers.
Nokia is a Finland- based company. They come into the field of telecommunication industry 1960. Since then, Nokia has grabbed their exclusive place as a market leader. Their incessant effort to grab their place in innovation and technology has helped them to attract customers like a magnet.
Nokia motto is to connect people and exploring ways to enhance communication. Nokia 's Social Media Communications team was established in early 2008 with the aim of improving inter-company communications and engaging employees
Social media strategy plan:
Marketing is about convincing people not about force people to get a product or service. So it is very important to any kinds of the company to gaining the attention of customer by social media.

Above picture, we can see how much the rate of social media user increases.
In 2009 last quarter Nokia lost its market leader position. Nokia eventually entered into a pact with Microsoft in 2011 to exclusively
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