A Short Story : The Story Of The War?

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"Hub. Find the frequency of that transmission. I want to hear what they're saying." "Searching," came the reply and then almost immediately the audio came to life. "We've captured the hangar and secured the corridor outside." "Have you met any resistance?" "None. We're preparing to move on the bridge now." "Well done. And remember what I told you earlier. You may find an ally." "Oh my god!" Marcus exclaimed. "That's Desol Sankath, Lycia's lover." "The one in the hangar?" Tom asked, his gaze still locked onto the viewscreen. Marcus shook his head and approached the podium. "No, no. The voice on the radio. In the old future, it's Sankath that attacks us." With even the slightest chance the old future hadn't reset in its entirety, Tom mind …show more content…

They're going to bypass your advance, so you'll have to intercept them in Section B, several levels below the bridge." "That's a little close for comfort, Tommy Boy." "I know, but they're using the stairwells. They will have to use the corridor I'm sending you to if they want to reach the bridge. You have about five minutes. Find a decent ambush point." As the lift doors opened, Phelps and Umonakalisi burst into the corridor, poised ready for battle, but the hall was empty and the metallic walls curved away in either direction. Phelps paused and looked around. He could see only recessed doorways as any point of cover, and he shook his head and indicated to Umonakalisi to push on. "Tom, which stairwell? Where are they now?" He searched for the information. "Two ahead of you. There's another one about three hundred feet on your right. They're using the next one." "Roger that." Both men quickened their pace and then disappeared through a doorway and out of sight. With no desire to rush blindly ahead, Phelps stopped just inside and assessed their options before making a decision. "Up one level. We wait for them to pass and attack from behind." As Phelps stormed up the stairs, Umonakalisi remained still, watching in bewilderment, his expression passive but confused. "What?" Phelps asked as he reached the top of the first flight of stairs. "It is dishonourable." Phelps grinned and shook his head. "If they were honourable, they'd have knocked first and waited for an

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