A Strategic Public Relations Plan For Women Returning

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Public Relations holds and maintains the past theories and practices of personal and business relationships. Public relations pertains to public and private organizations/ companies. Communication is firmly tied to public relations. Awareness and sensitivity, will help organizations identify the best practices for women returning and or entering the workforce. A strategic public relations plan for women returning, will be just as hard today as it was fifty years ago. As in any relationship, research, planning, and implementing these principles are key. In public relations, both genders can benefit from these forms of problem- solving solutions. Furthermore, feedback from evaluating these assessments. The relationships then flourish when …show more content…

"In this volatile era, the women of the nation were determined that their voices be heard above the din of discontent. I am woman; hear me roar,” went the lyrics of a popular Helen Reddy song from 1972." (Hauser 2012) Women were the ones managing the household, why not let them make their own money. Society wanted women to stay at home but the rising culture of women 's empowerment soon changed all that. History was happening whether men liked it or not. Research and planning were crucial elements in making history. Slogans, catch phrases, and even anthems for women were appearing everywhere. "We can do it! ," was a popular slogan along with visual presentation to motivate and empower all women. PR practitioners in the early movements, looked for the positive side as to why women should work. One major campaign was that the men were fighting in numerous wars, and the factories were left in need of help. "No longer primarily a communicator, today’s PR practitioner tries to prevent crises and, once they occur, tries to keep them from getting out of hand." (Newsom18) The PR campaign for women working implemented accurate and profitable problem- solving solutions. Communication in business, has influenced public relations through the last five decades. "In between feminist career women and the new crop of stay-at-home mothers, there lies an often-overlooked, underrated segment of the

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