Corporate Social Responsibility : Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

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The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Billy Sexton
Bridgewater State University

Author Note
This paper was prepared during the Spring Semester of 2016 for COMM 226-003 - Introduction to Public Relations.
The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Corporate Social Responsibility. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is a nonprofit health service company serving members located along the east coast. The goal of their company is to provide the tools, training, and leadership in order to improve the quality and value of health care. Harvard Pilgrim is involved in serving the community. The Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation leads projects to get fresh food at an affordable price to different communities in need, supports healthy communities through grant contributions, fighting childhood obesity, as well as protecting transgender rights by supporting the public accommodations bill.
Healthy Food Fund Finding fresh, healthy food is not always easy, especially if you are looking for that food at an affordable price. The Harvard Pilgrim Foundation’s Healthy Food Fund is responsible for bringing fresh, affordable food to communities in need throughout Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. This may be one of the most important things Harvard Pilgrim does for their community. Providing ways for families to obtain fresh food that may not be able to afford it is…
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