A Study Of Computer Programming

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Joshua Carver
Mrs. Galaviz
Senior Paper
A Study of Computer Programming Although everyone uses it not many people know how computers and computer programming work. The people who first pioneered the technology are largely left out of our textbooks although they have had such a large impact on how people now live their lives, it is not just the recent advancements either, there have been many leaps forward in as many years. In addition to not knowing who invented these concepts people generally do not know how they work, it is more simple than many people tend to think. The future of computer technology may be a deciding factor in how people live in the future, from quantum computing to artificial intelligence. I believe people should know about computer programming because it has become such a large part of all our lives. Everyone should know about how it came about, how it works, and where it will go in the future. Getting information to the reader on computers and computer programming is the purpose of this essay, so there is no need to cover what one would need to know, as it will be explained. It is a crime that the people who have worked to create computers, and programming today have little to no place in the current history books. Although there has been the occasional movie such as The Imitation Game for the most part the history of computer programming has been criminally under reported. For some people like Jim Daniels a computer engineer and teacher at…
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