A Study Of Warfare During The Modern Era

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A study of warfare in the modern era suggest a progression through three distinct generations. Although U.S. Armed Forces are still coming to grips with the third of these, strong trends point to an emerging fourth generation. Those who would prepare for future warfare must consider the trends envisaged here and the challenges they would present to existing forces. As the world devolves into nations with less clear borders than perhaps any time in recent military history with the closest example being the 100 years war in Europe and finds itself possessing of enemies that heretofore have been much easier to classify there is a distinct change arising in the face of war. If one thinks back to the "classic" wars of recent U.S. history one can see clearly defined lines of this nation verses that nation and here are the bad guys and here is where we are and where we will launch operations. As borders blur and groupings become more difficult to define the United States finds itself at a crossroads in history that, moving forward, will determine victory or defeat but also deeply impact strategy. So the research question to be answered here is, "How will the United States change its strategy and definitions of "states" and even "war" in the face of rapidly changing lines of distinction between the two aforementioned terms?" Some of these answers will be found in the analysis of the rapidly changing policy of the United States war on terror, but will also be found in articles as
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