A Study On My Life

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Enter into this environment, a young, poor, black woman from the projects. Ursula was not prepared for their program. She was the only female in a school of mostly white men. The school existed outside of her comfort zone, in a different borough of New York. She had to take additional classes to catch up with her peers. For probably the first time in her life, she doubted herself and her decision to enter this prestigious school. But she was a quick study, and after switching her major from chemical engineering to mechanical engineering, she found her way. (Burns, Ursula M. Burns, n.d.) In a pre-commencement dinner speech, on the day before she was to receive an honorary doctorate from NYU, Ursula talked about how Brooklyn Poly changed her life. (Xerox CEO Ursula Burns (’80 ME): Poly Changed my Life, 2010) She talked about how Poly nurtured and prepared its students for life in the school and beyond. Ursula credits Brooklyn Polytechnic with her ability to provide for her children a life of opportunity, one very different from how she grew up. Her education at Brooklyn Poly prepared her for her continued education at Columbia University, paving the way to Xerox. Other transition points. Throughout her life, Ursula Burns has experienced other transition points that built on her early life and years at Brooklyn Polytechnic. During an employee meeting early in her career at Xerox, she spoke up in reaction to what she viewed as an unnecessary response by a senior
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