What I Learned About My Life

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While interviewing my parents, I was very surprised by some of the things they told me such as their experience crossing the border. I realized that bringing up the past might have been challenging for them considering it reminded them of the difficult times, but at the same time, they reflected on the positive outcomes that came from their decisions. Re-reading my paper before looking at the comments or feedback made me feel confident because I now have a better understanding of my background. I learned so much from this experience that it is nice to see it written down and let others read it. For instance, my niece became interested in our side of the family story and even asked me whether she could read this paper when it was complete. Re-reading the paper now reminds me how I am influencing others to ask questions about their own roots, especially those within my family. I believe I answered all the questions asked for this paper, but there were some pieces that I did well in and some that I struggled with. I did well at describing the experiences my family faced when immigrating to the United States. I made sure to paint a clear picture to the reader on what my family went through in this country. I struggled on analyzing and personalizing more from the information I gathered. I could have discussed and self-reflected more on the story and how it has affected my present life. I did struggle on questioning my parents at times because of their limited English. In…

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