A Study On Organizational Climate And Employee Performance

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A study on organizational climate and employee performance
Organizations have become more challenging today. It is not for any particular organization but affects all the organization. Organizations are seeking to improve the performance. Many organizations are realized that human resources are of advantage and sustaining of the organization for a long term. It is significant that work environment play a positive role in exerting greater efforts from the employee. Thus positive work environment can be created with the help of organization climate intervention. Positive organizational climate motives the employees to perform well and rewards. Keywords:
Organizational climate, work environment, employee performance & Rewards
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Smith et al.(1969) treated job satisfaction both as a general attitude and as satisfaction with five specific dimensions: pay, work, promotion, supervision, and co-workers. According to Pareek (1989), stated organizational climate is cre¬ated by the perception of organizational members about the out¬come of interactions among five components of the organization. These interaction components are Structure, System, Culture, Leader behaviour, and employees’ psychological needs. Allen & Meyer, (1990) O’Reiily & Chatman, (1986) stated The Organizational commitment refers to the psychological attachment of workers to their workplaces Commitment to organizations is positively related to such desirable outcomes as job satisfaction (Bateman& Stasser, 1984; Mowday, Porter, & Steers, 1982), motivation (Mowday, Steers,& Porter,1979), and attendance (Mathieu & Zajac, 1990; Steers & Rhodes, 1978) and negatively related to such outcomes as absenteeism and turnover (Clegg, 1983; Cotton & Tuttle,1986). Also, Horton stated that stronger commitment could result in less turnover and absenteeism, thus increasing an organization’s productivity (Schuler & Jackson, 1996, p.302). However, the relationship between organizational commitment and
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