A Study On Type 1 Diabetes Essay

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Type 1 diabetes has become a widespread issue in our country. It is a condition when the pancreas no longer produces enough insulin for a body to use. Because our bodies need insulin to survive, a type one diabetic needs to either inject themselves with insulin every day, up to 7 times per day, or go on a device which is known as the insulin pump or pod. The body needs major adjustments in your exercise and dietary patterns to make sure that you are healthy as possible. Dr. Prajakta Jayant Nande was interested in the Anthropometric measurements and dietary intake of children living with type 1 diabetes so she conducted a study. The study is called Anthropometric Measurements, Dietary Intake and Biochemical Parameters of Children with Type 1 Diabetes. Dr. Nande wanted to study the nutritional status of children between the ages of 10-15 years old. (Nande,2015) Based on three days of dietary recall, anthropometric measurements, and biochemical information, she was able to gather the information she needs to evaluate the nutritional status of children with type 1 diabetes. (Nande,2015) The study was conducted using a sample of 50 children, 24 girls and 26 boys between the ages of 10-15 years old. The data was collected from a questionnaire-cum-interview where information was collected about the child with diabetes. This information included age at the time of diagnosis, family history, and how they receive the insulin, injections or pump. She also collected their
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