A Summary Of Collaboration For Organizations

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There are many different collaboration tools that benefit a wide variety of organizations. Let’s first discuss the Electronic Bulletin Boards. These tools allow users to leave messages and/or read public messages that announce upcoming events, new products, and changes in services as well as solutions to problems encountered using the organization’s products or services (Reynolds). Organizations use these tools within their websites to attract users and increase the network traffic. The bulletin board is used to keep the visitors of the site up to date with the organization's information. Another tool is a Blog. A blog is a web site where contributors provide ongoing commentary on a particular subject. Some think of a blog as a…show more content…
This allows for no down time and allows workers to return to work as soon as possible. One of the most popular collaboration tools is Instant Messaging. This is where one computer is exchanging information, text, images or any other pieces of information to another computer. Several people send messages through web-based IM applications. Reynold’s shared the statistics from Fall of 2014 on the eight most popular web-based IM applications. Application Number of Users as of Fall 2014 WeChat 600 Million WhatsApp 590 Million WeChat/Weixin 438 Million Viber 400 Million Line 300 Million Skype 300 Million iMessage 250 Million Facebook Messenger 200 Million These applications allow customers to send messages or pictures to other devices without paying for a wireless phone or text messaging fees. When looking for the best options for your company, remember to pay close attention to the ability to work on Windows and Mac computers, laptops, Android and iPhone smartphones, as well as strong encryption of messages, and the ability to make conference calls from the chosen application. IM (Instant Messaging) is a one on one conversation where you are exchanging text, images and more. IM is less formal than email and is used primarily when both parties are sending and receiving messages in real time. In addition to being a great way to communicate with family and friends, collaborating with other employees, as well as,
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