Organizational Need for the Process of Cooperation, Collaboration and Coordination

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For any organization to achieve its strategic goals designed activities and strategies must be carried out through various implementation mechanisms, encompassing the three major processes of Cooperation, Collaboration and Coordination (Three Cs) (Zomorrodan A., 2011). The three Cs independently and in conjunction with each other are instrumental in making the goals of strategic plan happen. Below are some brief accounts as to the role each of them plays in the strategic planning process as well as their integration in the process.
The role and importance of collaboration, cooperation, and coordination
Cooperation is about partnership amongst stakeholders within the organization in the implementation of a strategic plan towards the attainment of organizational goals and objectives (Zomorrodan A., 2011). The process of cooperation involves the “concerted effort to engage and respect the input of all members – influential and not so influential – within complex organizational structures (Zomorrodan A., 2011). Without the key employee and constituent stakeholders and all employees being on board, strategic plans will almost always not see light of day. In short, “cooperation includes partnering with others in terms of resources, capabilities, and competencies, in pursuit of mutual interests for the advancement of organizational goals” (public puzzle 2011).
Whereas cooperation refers to separated entities working together to improve overall performance, coordination refers to

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