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The Ultimate KJV Online Bible Study Tool


It's been almost five years since the writing of a brief tutorial about the KJV Simple search Parallel
Bible here:

However, since this time there have been many improvements and the development of a hand full of complimentary apps that make Bible reading and studying with the KJV simple search parallel Bible clean, efficient, concise, and fast when used in conjunction with a couple sound research strategies.

This article will explain these techniques in detail and hopefully give you ideas and inspire you to study, read, research and meditate in the Bible effectively on a daily basis with these certified …show more content…


Matt 19:16-30 | Mark 10:17-31

This allows you to display up to 4 parallels on a single page or it is recommended that you only use 2 parallels in a single mobile page adjusting for the smaller screen size.

Moreover, you can do a cross-reference of Jesus' feeding of the five thousand against each other in all four of the Gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Matthew 14:13-21 | Mark 6:30-44 | Luke 9:10-19 |
John 6:1-14.

Alternatively, for more advanced and in depth study and meditating, opening multiple simultaneous instances of the KJV simple search parallel Bible website will allow you to research and study quicker and more efficiently in addition to parallel searching.

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You can use shortened book names, and there is no need to repeat them for verse passages with forward slashes. Matt 5:43-48 / 6:5-8 / Mar 6:19-21 / 7:24-28

You don't need to enter chapter numbers for single-chapter books.

Philemon or 2 John

You can use commas to provide a list of verses from a single chapter, in the conventional manner.

An ellipsis (…) will show any gaps in the resulting text. Matt 13:1-3, 24, 31

In conjunction with allowing shortened book names, most common and not so common abbreviations are also recognized. MAT, MAR, LUK, JOH



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