A Summary of Largely Accepted Concepts of Management

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General Idea Management, particular during this current period of globalization is very important. Managers, in today's business environment must posses a comprehensive set of skills and abilities. These abilities will allow managers to better compete in a more information driven business environment. To better facilitate this process, "The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide to Management," was created. This work not only encompasses many of the prevailing managerial thoughts of the current age, but it synthesizes them in an inclusive manner. "The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide to Management" is a composition of management philosophies and theories to help leaders become more effective. The general premise behind this book is to summarize many of the largely accepted concepts of management into one comprehensive edition. The idea is that would be managers would be able to reference this material in order to garner experience and ideas to help them become more effective leaders within the work environment. This book provides a simple and convenient methods in which management know how is disseminated to managers irrespective of their industry. What makes this book unique in regards to management is its universal appeal. Much of the material within the book has been garnered or recommended by members of the Wall Street Journal CEO council. As such, many of the concepts within the book are both credible and effective in regards to managerial practice. Detailed

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