A Work Life Balance Intervention Essay

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A Work-Life Balance Intervention
Historically the concept of reinsurance has been around for thousands of years and the more modern concept of insuring the insurance company has evolved over last couple hundred years. My company, Reinsurance Group of America, RGA was established exclusively on this concept and recently celebrated its 40th year anniversary. In my department almost one-third of the underwriting staff will be retirement eligible in the next five to ten years. Staffing challenges to serve the life underwriting market are stronger than ever. To combat the alarming loss of industry expertise, we have made a concerted effort to focus on increasing our staff through both traditional and more contemporary means. We are bring on additional staff from the industry as well as internal training programs to grow new underwriters. The fresh workforce is striving for a work-life balance that is unknown to our department. Although reinsurance underwriting is a reputable profession providing adequate opportunity for career advancement and pay, the new workforce is demanding additional benefits including job flexibility. This evolution of the workforce has confronted a mechanistic, hierarchical department. Resistance and slow change is compounded by the original, well-established management team which has only begun to retire over the last ten years, high expenses associated with extensive time allocation and resource investment needed to train all

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