A Writers Beat: A Type of Expression Essay

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When people are asked the question, what is beat? The usual definition one might think of would be as the main accent in music and poetry. It also might be defined as the act of hurting or defeating someone. But beat is not just all about the flow of music or to strike another person. Beat is also a type of expression, whether in writing, music, or art, it is about being free or having the freedom to do what is in one’s mind. It is all about disaffection and non-conformity. Beat is about being yourself and not being forced with the compliance with the living standards of society. Beat is about breaking boundaries, opening up and letting free of oneself. Beat sparked in the early 1950s with a group of writers who wrote about the cultural…show more content…
Kerouac has also published other novels that are prominently about drugs and poverty. Buddhism has also influenced the Beat writing in so many ways. The concept of having an open-minded view and perspective, questioning the restriction of the government, religion and other official establishments. Beat has also been adapted in many different ways. Beat was considered being different; but now, everyone strive to be different from one another. It has affected the current generation, and how everyone wants to do their own thing, and everyone thinks differently now. It has come to the point that there is no unity in people. Everyone has different opinions. Everyone has their own story to tell to the point that no one is willing to listen to anyone anymore. People are all bombarded with these ideas about being a better person, that everyone strives to be that one thing, that people forget about the real meaning of the Beat, to be yourself, and not conform with the society. It is good how everyone has that freedom to say what they want to say, but sometimes people do not have any filter, and tend to hurt other people. They abuse the excuse that just because they have the right to do something, that it is okay to do it without any repercussions. Beat has been misinterpreted. Modern music these days has no influence of the Beat. Every other song in the radio has a swear word on them. It either would be about abuse, violence, drug, sex, or
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