AAA Brewing Company Case Study

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AAA Brewing Company will promote sales by encouraging a sense of community in the surrounding area. While expansion in terms of distribution territory or physical space (to meet demand) is not considered, future expansion of fermentation and conditioning will take place modestly in pace with adjusted revenue and community engagement. Expansion goals include an additional program for mixed culture fermentations utilizing easily acquired wine/spirits barrels. A strategy of consumer education, local visibility and aggressive collaboration with neighboring breweries will not only create a destination for nearby beer enthusiasts, but define Greensboro as a craft beer destination.
AAA Brewing Company will remove all obstacles between the brewer and the customer. Once the customer tastes the product, he or she will know the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of AAA. AAA Microbrews will be available in select local establishments, such as local markets and corner stores. The following is the sales forecast for the next three years. …show more content…

Carefully selected for their distinctive flavor profile, the beers are classically fermented for a

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