ADHD Argumentative Essay

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It has become socially acceptable for parents to treat hyperactive children with medication due to behavioral problems. However, they need to know medications are doing more harm than good in helping their children. Hyperactive children should rely on treatments other than medication. Parents of hyperactive children should try other treatments as having well balanced meals, processes of biofeedback, or evaluating the life style. For instance, medications are not long-term solutions for hyperactivity. Medications for ADHD symptoms have side effects that take effect swiftly and does not perform well. Needed to be taken multiple times in one day for it to be somewhat effective. Fred A. Baughman writer of The ADHD Fraud: How Psychiatry Makes “Patients” of Normal Children, says “No ADHD drug has been shown to enhance performance over long term.” No medication for ADHD has been proven to work effectively over long periods of time. ADHD medication suppresses symptoms for only short term and will be needed to be retaken often. Hyperactivity should not be treated with medication as they are not long-term treatment. Similarly, medications are harmful to the user of them. Many popular …show more content…

Barkley found that for the cost of biofeedback “A child and family could receive 12 years of stimulant medication, 3 years of weekly group parent training, nearly 3 ½ years or twice- monthly classroom consultations by a clinical psychologist, or almost 2 ½ years of twice-weekly educational tutoring for the cost of 6 months of this treatment,” People have options of staying on medication and brave the side effects, or try biofeedback which can help long term control over their ADHD symptoms. Even though biofeedback is more expensive it can be worth it, no longer having to pay for medications. Even being more expensive biofeedback can be easier process for many years

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