APHG Chapter 4 Questions

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Emily Drennan
APHG Chapter 4 Questions and Vocab
What are local and popular cultures?
1. We define culture as the way of life of a particular people, it is what defines us as people, language, religion, food, and sports are all aspects of culture.
2. The difference between folk culture and popular culture is folk culture is the practice of a custom by a relatively small group of people in a focused area, popular culture is the practice of customs that span several different cultures and may even have a global focus.
3. The book uses the term local culture instead of folk culture because the term folk culture is a limiting concept in as much of it requires us to create a list of traits and to look for cultures that meet that list of …show more content…

How is popular cultural diffused?
1. Distance decay is the idea that the further the trend has to travel the more the trend or idea changes/ decays over time. Yes it has been altered recently because with new technology ideas can spread around the world in less than an hour.
2. With time-space compression the likelihood of diffusion depends on the connectivity among places.
3. The Dave Matthews band became popular by playing 200 nights out of the year at fraternities, sororities, clubs and bars throughout the American south east. The band encouraged the fans to record their music and send it to friends, helping to establish a fan base well outside of where they started in Charlottesville.
4. Marketing agencies play a major role in popular culture because they control what viewers see when they see them and how the product is portrayed, is it good is it bad is it useful?
5. The idea of reterritorialization regarding the hip hop industry means that MTV helped produce music celebrities by taking forms of music that originally came from street corners, block parties, and mixtapes and made them a part of popular cultural, they moved from something insignificant to a huge part in the world today.
How can local and popular cultures be seen in the cultural landscape?
1. The term placelessness means the loss of uniqueness of place in the cultural landscape to the point where one place begins to look exactly like the next so on and so forth.

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