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Topic Two:The APTN

The APTN is the Aboriginal People’s Television Network in Canada that was established with government support in 1992. Currently it is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and produces programing that focuses on Indigenous Peoples in Canada and the United States. It is the first network that is made by and for Aboriginal Peoples. The real kick off for the APTN happened in 1980 when the Therrien Committee Report showed that the Aboriginal people, particularly in the north, were developing a strong interest in developing their own media services that more tailored to their views as an indigenous people, and that it was the responsibility of the government to provide support to create broadcasting that enforced their languages and …show more content…

Just by analysing the APTN’s symbol we can garner quite a bit of information about the network. First off, the rising sun which is found at the top of the symbol is of great importance to many different tribes across Canada. According to First Nations traditions it represents the abundance of life and its warmth radiates healing and peace. This is a particularly resonating symbol for the network because of what is stated in their programing mission: “The APTN Programming department develops, commissions and acquires distinctive Aboriginal content which reflects our pride and heritage. APTN is committed to enabling Aboriginal Peoples to share their stories and convey them to a domestic and international audience.” By helping Aboriginal Peoples share their stories with the public they are working to build a more peaceful country where the divide between non-Aboriginals and Aboriginal peoples is bridged. With that they are bringing healing to those who have felt the unfortunate ramifications of being born as an Aboriginal person. In particular trying to bring healing to those affected by residential schools, the alcoholism epidemic, the missing and murdered list of Aboriginal Women, and the racial inequalities they face on a daily basis. Moving down we come to a human who's head is yellow and body is blue. The colouring is most likely

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