Abortion : Should It Be Legal?

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English III
November 2, 2015
Abortion, Should it be legal? Although some say abortion should be illegal and parents should not be allowed to choose abortion because it is unsafe, immoral, and against Christian beliefs to allow it. Abortion should be legal, it is safe and most people believe that abortion should be up to the parents because even though arguers say it is against their Christian beliefs, it is a moral decision that does not violate human rights, the overall abortion procedure is safe , and abortion can be justified. Abortion is a choice, a choice the mother must make. Abortion is a choice left solely to the mother or parents of the child. “Abortion is an absolutely moral choice for any woman wishing to control her body.” ( pg 44 Swomley ) The mother is the person who has to carry this child and have a birth that she may not want, so it is up to her to choose if she wants this child. The fetus is not yet a human being because it can not survive outside of the uterus, so it does not violate the human right to live. The abortion is not murder because the embryo is not a child yet. The embryo is not a separate human being because it is not able to survive outside the woman’s body. Even in the bible, which is a favorite reference for arguers, there is no reference in any Scripture that says that abortion is immoral. “ Nowhere in the Scriptures is there any references to sacredness or sanctity or respect for fetal life.” ( pg 30 Swomley

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