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All around the world, many of woman choose to abort their babies instead of keeping it. Sometimes young adult women around the ages of 18 get pregnant and decide to also abort their unborn child. It’s usually not because the woman carrying the child doesn’t love their baby or want them, most likely the mother of the child is either not in the right state of mind or even financially stable to have a baby. Many people, both females and male criticize the mother for doing such a “bad” deed but in reality, a woman should feel the right to do what’s best for her and her baby. Studies have shown that about millions of females face unplanned pregnancies. Many of the women who get pregnant tend to abort the unborn child. Research has proved that about 4 out of 10 women get abortions because they feel that it’s the safest thing to do for them and their baby. Taking the strength and courage to abort an unborn baby is a decision that only you can make with yourself and your doctor. Many women take aborting a baby to a personal way and they eventually get depressed because other negative people consider them as “bad mothers”. First of all, one of the reasons why young adults have abortions is because they're young and most women are scared that their parents might kick them out of the house for becoming pregnant at a young age. A lot of judgmental people state "If you're too young to have a baby, then you're too young to have sex." That phrase isn't correct and shouldn’t be used upon

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