Essay about Absenteeism in the Workplace

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Abstract This paper will discuss and assess the Human Resource issue of absenteeism in the workplace. Specifically this paper will research the policies of Insight Technology, Inc. and determine the effectiveness and infectiveness of certain polices. This paper will also discuss the effect that absenteeism has on the company. Few people realize that there are positives to absenteeism in the workplace. The positives that come from absenteeism include relief from stress caused by work, and allow other employees to become more well-rounded and the present employees will gain experience from taking over the absentee’s workload also known as job rotation. The negatives that come from absenteeism include less pay to employees, loss of …show more content…

Insight Technology, Inc. has few policies specifically against absenteeism in the workplace. After working for one year at this company, the employees are given benefits including paid vacation and paid time off. This benefit package seems to make all the difference in the rate of absenteeism. When employees begin working for this company paid time off is not offered until after a year. What this means to employees is that as long as you attempt to keep absences to a minimum for this first year then you are able to use paid time off to your advantage. Human Resources attempts to put a policy in place that gives blackout dates where an employee cannot take vacation or have days off unless serious health issues occur. To deal with absenteeism the first major step is to acquire the policy manual regarding absenteeism specifically. You must then make sure that each employee has this manual and understands each policy pertaining to absenteeism. Included with this policy there must be hours of operation and break times included in this manual. The next steps in order to avoid absenteeism in the workplace is to have detailed procedures that an employee must adhere to and have knowledge of consequences if absenteeism takes place. Employees must have a clear concept of what the consequences will be if they do not follow a good attendance policy. Employees must then be reminded as often as necessary of the policy and

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