Academic Dishonesty Among High School Students

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Academic dishonesty among high school student By: Sukhmanveer kaur sidhu Academic dishonesty or academic misconduct is any type of cheating that occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise . It consist of any deliberate attempt to falsify,fabricate or otherwise to tamper with data, information , records, or any other material that is relevant to students participation in any course, laboratory, or other academic function. It also include any act, which is designed to obtain fraudulently either for oneself or for someone else . High school students in particular conveniently place the blame on others the school, teachers, parents or society Cheating is a complex issue for most of the students (eg: Michales & Mithe,1989).Discussion about academic dishonesty are clearly influenced by social and school norms as well as attitude of teacher and most importantly friends (Mc cabe & Trevion , 1993,1997) there are many children who are haslital of direct copying material from various sites of internet and present them as their own. Students who cheat may be getting higher grades than they deserve. For example a survey of high school teachers found that cheating is partially responsible for grade inflation (Bushneller 1999) when students see other student cheating and do not see any faculty member and administration addressing such behaviour they may think that academic dishonesty
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