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Persuasion: People and Society “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane” (Martin Luther King, Jr.). Do you agree with this statement? Write an essay persuading readers of your point of view. Support your arguments with evidence from appropriate sources. There are many inequalities in modern society, and unequal health care is one of the worst kinds of injustice. The health care inequity in the world is associated with each country imbalanced distribution of economic resources and social resources. Because of this, most people can’t get complete health care rights from government, so it’s unprofitable for each country to mend people’s well-being. Owing to the urban-and-rural …show more content…

In addition, rural hospital cannot support a seasonable precaution instantly, because their patients have no money to pay for it. If the hospital which is in countryside cannot support instant remedy, the patients who get high-risk symptom will become more severe than before. The most fundamental reason of this phenomenon is that the people in countryside have low income from their job, and China has a large amount of population. Based on this, China ignores the peasants and puts a high value on urban people. If there is unequal health care system in society, it will exacerbate social problems such as different social classes. It is reflected in not only the complete health care funds, but also reflected in the impact of unemployment leads to no health care funds. From past to now, the only thing that has changed is the health care fund that government give people. Different health care fund of people has become corrupt from past to now. In the past, especially at the reform of Mao, whatever which classes of the people could get a full health care from government; however, right now, health care system is not complete (Shenglan, T &Hougaard, J). That lead to a phenomenon that rich corporations’ member is supported full health care, but poor individuals’ health care might be eliminated. Free staffs might lose the health care because they don 't have reliable jobs, but at the period of after Mao’s liberation, they would

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