Academic Integrity: Is It Realistic To Expect?

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Academic Integrity: Is It Realistic to Expect? Academic integrity (AI) becomes a crucial subject among institutions, faculty members, students because it reflects a quality of institutions and graduates regarding ethical and moral competency. AI, however, is a controversial issue that is it realistic expectation among today’s students that they will have a full potential of academic integrity? What is the stakeholders’ perception related to academic integrity? Who will play a key role to develop students’ academic integrity? What are effective strategies related to achieving students’ academic integrity? These questions are still debated to find the best answer. Therefore, this paper will present and discuss the definition and factors interrupting AI. In addition, the policy analysis and policy initiative will be illustrated in this paper. The Definition of Academic Integrity…show more content…
The synonym of AI is academic honesty (Lofstorm, Trotman, Furnani, & Shephard, 2015; Macfarlane, Zhang, & Pun, 2014) and the antonym is academic dishonesty (Macfarlane, Zhang, & Pun, 2014). According to Indiana State university (ISU, n.d.), AI was defined as academic honesty concerning citation, reference, and working by yourself. Likewise, Tao, Culbert, Scharff, Rozier, and Romeis (2009) classified it as honesty, trust fairness, respect, and responsibility. Similarly, the definition of AI by Click (2014), it was no cheating, appropriate utilize of others’ work, honesty, originality of work, morality, and respect. To sum up the definition of academic integrity, it is relevant to the expectation of institution to students having the honesty in their academic
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