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ACC was among the first Indian companies to adopt automation of information technology. We started computerizing our systems as early as 1968 - a commitment to progress through the harnessing of relevant available technologies, a practice that continues even today.

We have traveled a long way from our early days when we were using simple keypunching machines. Significant improvements have been made in application systems and infrastructure since then - from Batch processing to on-line systems, from IBM 1401 and Data General system to the latest Linux/UNIX and Windows 2003 based machines. We have made timely transitions determined by available technologies and business requirements.

In February 2007 the company made a quantum jump from …show more content…

ACC 's Tikaria plant engages nearly 4,000 trucks for this exercise. Due to the speed initiative the tonnage per truck has increased increasing productivity and is time saving thus allowing trucks to make more trips to the plant in the same given time.

ACC has also deployed Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) and Global Positioning System (GPS) in all vehicles for effective tracking of vehicles and keeping in constant contact with drivers.

"Inward and outward transportation forms a significant share of ACC 's overall costs and the Speed initiative has allowed about 5% saving in costs. With 30 million tonnes cement moved across the country by various ACC plants which engage about 12,000 heavy duty vehicles the savings from this initiative can be huge when adopted across all plants" said Director ACC Tikaria Plant, N Keshav.

Tikaria was the first cement plant in the country to adopt such a logistics project and would soon take it to all 16 plants of the country said, Director-Logistics, Tushar Dave. He said that the program has also led to manpower efficiency and drivers find it more convenient and comfortable to do their duty.

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ACC Ltd. has embarked on an initiative to improve the efficiency of its supply chain, which include 10,000 trucks that carry cement from its plants to sales outlets across the country.

Transportation costs account for 35 per cent of the total

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