Management Skills Learning & Development Plan Essay

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Career Goal and Opportunities ________________________________________

As a first time manager my short term goal (next 2-3 years) is to establish myself in my current role and develop my management skills. Drucker (2005) discusses the importance of working to my strengths, having good self-awareness and an understanding how I perform. As part of my career goal I would like to complete the relevant tertiary education (MBA) to equip me with the tools to enable my success.

As a medium term goal (next 3-5 years) my aim is to move up into a regional management position to further develop my practical experience, expand my area of expertise from predominantly mortgage sales to a broader scope of business management and develop a network …show more content…

According to Pfeffer (cited in Whetten & Cameron, 2005) leading positive change is one of the most important influences in helping organisations perform well. Another strength that I have identified through completing the “how creative are you” assessment (Carlopio et al, 2005) is creativity, possibly due to my ability to consider things from different perspectives as indicated by my preference toward the “thinking” dimension in my MBTI profile.
As a relatively new manager I have not yet developed these skills but something that has really resinated with me is the concept of having good self-awareness, understanding how I perform and working to my strengths (Drucker, 2005). These 3 strengths combined will be an invaluable asset in assisting me to achieve my career goals in an actively evolving industry within the Credit Union movement that is under constant threat from Major Banks and is going to require unique and creative means to maintain our point of difference and competitiveness in the marketplace.
Skill Gaps
• My First skill gap is time management which is reflected by my score of 60 in the “time management” assessment (Carlopio et al, 2005)
• Secondly

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