Action Research. Research Has Shown That Technology Can

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Action Research Research has shown that technology can support and enhance language learning. Technology can have many positive effects on learning, especially language learning, by supporting learners and the learning environment. However, students still have to communicate with people. They still need to share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions with peers and educators. They need to share what they have learned with others. Technology definitely connects people and can bring them together, but can it overcome personalities too? In whole class activities and discussions, many teachers have the same observation: the bravest and loudest students tend to dominate. This paper begins a research project that addresses that issue. …show more content…

Often times it is easy for the quietest to simply sit back and allow the loudest and boldest to dominate the conversation. To remedy this, the educator may simply call on those who are not participating as openly and actively as others, but even this has limitations. The quiet ones still may not respond frequently. They still may be too shy to share their honest opinions, and the loud ones may yet even jump in during their replies. This can lead to other concerns as well, such as the loud ones getting more feedback from the teacher regarding their English, whereas the quieter ones receive less feedback and it is less personal, because the educator has received less input to comment on. So for these reasons, the author has chosen to research this issue and investigate as to whether and how technology can be used to give a larger and louder “voice” to quiet students so they can better engage and interact in classroom activities and discussions. To help narrow the focus of this issue, the question: “How can technology be utilized to increase all students’ participation in whole class discussions and activities?” will be considered. However, even this question, although well-intentioned and worth further

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