Active Foot Orthosis

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Currently, robotic systems of active foot orthoses consist of PGO, PAGO, Anklebot, MIT-AAFO, AFOUD, KAFO, RGT, Yonsei-AAFO, and SUkorpion AR. This kind of technology provides suitable gait dynamics for rehabilitation \cite{daniel2005}. The Powered Gait Orthosis (PGO) promotes bipedal locomotor performance in the patient who has a physical impairment and the Pneumatic Active Gait Orthosis (PAGO) uses the electropneumatic circuit to improve locomotor performance for paraplegic patients \cite{ruthenberg1997,belforte2001}. The Anklebot is a commercial product from Interactive Motion Technologies. The goal of this robot is to recover stroke patient's ankles \cite{roy2007}. This research performs a simple protocol for ankle stiffness estimation. …show more content…

The Ankle Foot Orthosis at the University of Delaware (AFOUD) contains 2-DOF (inversion/eversion and dorsiflexion/plantarflexion motion) using an actuator, a spring and a damper to steadily maintain appropriate foot position of patient \cite{agrawal2005}. The Knee-Ankle-Foot-Orthosis (KAFO) uses artificial pneumatic muscles being a powered orthosis in walking step \cite{sawicki2009}. The study of gait rehabilitation, human motor adaptation and locomotion energetics were previously done by their work of ankle-foot orthosis (AFO). The Robotic Gait Trainer (RGT) (Figure \ref{fig:rgt}) from the Arizona State University presented a walking device using a tripod mechanism

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