Active Participation Strategies

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Active Participation Strategy The active participation strategy that I used during this lesson was the hands-on strategy. Students can learn more by actively participating with the hands-on strategy while building ramps and testing the cars down the ramp. This strategy approach is supported by the constructivist approach that tells us that students learn through investigation. During the strategy, students can develop critical thinking skills, encourages thinking skills, and sparks engagement. According to Roza Lizard, “Hands-on activities let the students' minds grow and learn based on the experiences and the environment they are exposed to.” (Lizardi R., 2017, para. 2).
Grouping Strategy For the grouping strategy I choose to use flexible …show more content…

I place the 2 ELL students in the same group. I will then divide the other students into the groups; 4 groups will have 5 students and 1 group will consist of 6 students. Student Centered Technology The first student centered technology that was implemented was having the students use force and motion games on the IPads and desktop computers using the website, There are numerous games based on force, gravity, and motion. Students are allowed to choose the games of their preference. There are 20 different games based on force, gravity, and motion for this website. (Ogen, 2017). Technology is quickly becoming an essential part of the classroom environment. The ELL students can benefit from the technology while playing the games. Based on information from Concordia University, “Bringing technology into the classroom has multiple benefits for educators and students. Students learn new vocabulary and develop skills necessary to thrive in the technology rich environment of the 21st century.” (Concordia University, March 6, 2013, para. 15). The use of computers for ELL students helps by providing them with visual and hands-on

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