Addiction Support Groups

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Addiction can be one of the hardest things to overcome in an individual’s life. Having to go through the process alone can be extremely difficult, not to mention the withdraws that come from fighting an addiction. However, there are many support groups and different associations a person can join to help them fight of their addiction. Even so, addiction is still extremely hard to fight off. So what can an addict do when they have done everything to fight off their addiction, but they are still addicted? They do what many people have done when they are in need, they turn to a higher power, something or someone who is greater than themselves. Having a higher power when one has an addiction, can help them fight off and possible completely quit …show more content…

Many of them follow the same set of rules. The first being, accept the fact that oneself has and addiction and that they need to overcome it. Second, ask for help from others around. Lastly, work hard every day to fight the addiction. These are the three main points in all support groups, however many support groups have brought in the fact that believing in a higher and stronger power can help oneself recover easier. According to the article, “Future of God in Recovery from Drug Addiction”, written by a number of authors, this belief and idea came in to play back during the mid-1800’s, by the Salvation Army initiated by William Booth’s mission to London’s underclass (4). Today the Salvation Army runs social services including alcohol and drug services in 111 countries in the world. However, the most popular place of God or a higher power in recovery from drug and alcohol is in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which was founded by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, which were part of the Oxford Group together in December of 1938 (4). The first three steps that were created for AA were; a psychological shift from relying on oneself, facing the addiction problem at hand, and lastly to gain strength from an idealizing higher power. These first three steps have been referred to as the basis for the change in cognitions, emotions, and behavior that occurs in alcoholic recover …show more content…

An individual will have to face many challenges in recovery, it can be a great source of comfort to believe in a higher power that is providing them with help (2). Also, addicts know that they do not have to face and beat their addiction alone, they can get help from a power that is far greater than themselves. Another benefit to believing in a higher power will in recovery is that, they have a sense of purpose in their life, and it encourages an individual to develop as humans, they find meaning in the little things of life and start to be thankful for everything (2). Even so many people say that faith based recovery programs, is the wrong way to

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