Additional Needs of Individuals

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Additional Needs of individuals Challenging stereotypes and understanding what exactly an ‘additional need’ is.

What exactly does the term ‘additional need’ mean?
The term ‘additional need’ or ‘disability’ refers to an individual who either/or has a physical, cognitive or a sensory impairment. An individual with any form of disability may need or have specific needs in certain settings and environments i.e. School, home or work.
There are many causes as to why a person may have an additional need or disability and they are categorized into the following groups: Genetic, Developmental, environmental.
A condition or disease that is hereditary and is passed from blood relatives of the individual caused by a ‘defective’ or …show more content…

The impact of disability to services provided:
Service providers such as businesses and Organizations since October 2004 are legally specified to make reasonable adjustments to the physical features of their premises to overcome physical barriers to access. Therefore equal opportunities are offered to those of which that have a disability, this promotes anti-discriminatory practice and therefore working towards a fairer more equal society.

Barriers experienced by those with additional needs:
It is common that at some point or another that Individuals who have additional needs may experience discrimination in some form. A person who is experiencing discrimination whether it be a situation where the individual is refused a job or bullied because of their disability they could be severely affected emotionally by this mistreatment of others. Discrimination can lead to the said person suffering from low self-confidence, low self-esteem, and low self-worth and potentially conditions such as depression and anxiety could occur as a result.
Employment Opportunities:
A barrier that an individual may have is that they are refused employment because of their, disability or condition. The individual my not be suited to a certain job because of the nature of the job or if the individual is physically and mentally suited to the job they have

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