Adhd And Its Effects On Children

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Ritalin has been over used for too many years when dealing with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder cases or similar diagnosis that called for it. One of the major reasons that Ritalin isn’t prescribed as much anymore is because there have been several cases where it would cause more damage than good for the patients that were taking the medication. Another reason is that several parents that had children sensitive to the medication would not listen to their children until they had to act out and show how much they medication was causing them problems. When this would happen they were seen as trouble maker children or students that would act out for no reason or just to get attention. There have been many studies on ADHD including …show more content…

These names are as varied as the many factors proposed as cuses. Along with the recent insights into the role of genetics and neurobiology in ADHD, today it’s known that ADHD is not exclusive to children and can easily persist into adulthood.” That being said there are several reasons as to why Ritalin needs to stop being used as a blanket or miracle drug that is supposed to stop all of the destructive behavior for all patients that used it to focus on what they needed to do rather than what they wanted to do. With all the different theories and reasons as to why ADHD is even around there are not that many that think about what it actually is. Some think this is a personality disorder that get masked by other things. Some psychologists and scientists believe, “It is a neurobiological disorder of great complexity; it is a disorder with a genetic pedigree; it is a disorder in which environmental conditions can exacerbate or ameliorate the symptoms; it is a disorder which has considerable impact on the life’s of those diagnosed with it, but also those who live/work/study/interact with someone diagnosed with the disorder; it is a disorder which can in many cases be treated; it is a disorder that is most likely going to persist into adulthood; it is a disorder which often seen with other disorders; and it is a disorder that requires further research for greater understanding.” There are many similarities between the

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