Adhd : Children With Adhd Essay

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I have a twelve-year-old son who over the past few years has exhibited signs of what one might diagnose as ADHD if he were examined at a particular point, in a particular classroom, with a particular teacher. In other situations, he is completely able to focus on his tasks and has no problem whatsoever with comprehension and understanding the material he is supposed to learn and in in fact mastering that material. He had an assessment known as an APP done in the second grade and it was determined that he was not a child with ADHD. It has been five years since the second grade and his evaluation and I have had certain teachers mention subsequently that he shows signs of ADHD. My son is now in middle school and has friends that have been diagnosed with ADHD at a “drop of a hat”. Seeing this, he now thinks that he has ADHD because he shares some of the same characteristics as some children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. I on the other hand believe there are other factors involved and firmly believe that ADHD is over-diagnosed and in fact believe that diet, mental state, and relationships can be a major influence on those children who present symptoms of ADHD. Throughout this paper I will try to answer the question “Do factors such as diet, psychological well being, and social environment affect children who present as having ADHD?” I will use the biopsychosocial approach to view the following: The biological ways to help cope with ADHD, the psychological ways to help

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