Admission Essay To Boston College

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Of the many reasons a Jesuit education appeals to me, the most predominant reason is rooted in my belief that an education based on character formation and living meaningfully will guide my intellectual and personal growth during college. Throughout my life, many experiences that I have endured have shaped my character and constructed my personal goals and academic interests for my potential attendance at Boston College.

My most prevailing goal during my college experience is to develop and improve my character so that I will be able to excel and succeed in my future career. I believe that my commitment to the common good these past few years has truly influenced my academic interest in pursuing a future career in Nursing. In college,
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I know, however, that this challenging academic demand will only develop my work ethic and immensely enhance my intellectual growth. Staying focused to my intellect will help me stay organized and prepared for any challenges I may face in both my college life and life beyond college.

Personally, I believe that I have shown a strong commitment to the common good through my service acts so far; however, I know that this commitment can still be improved. If I am admitted into Boston College, I will have more opportunities to volunteer in healthcare programs, such as the National Student Nurses Association, in order to improve my leadership, care for others, and compassion as a Nursing student. Intellectually, I hope that my dedication and hard work to the rigorous studies involved in becoming a Nurse will improve my skills in all of my academic courses while hopefully accounting for my success later in life. Because my desire to become a Nurse is so strong, I know that I will work adamantly until I achieve my academic goals.

I strongly hope that my personal goals and academic interests will have the ability to guide me to a meaningful life and help me to represent the philosophies of a Jesuit education in a positive
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