High School And College On The Horizon

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For many their years of adolescence is a time of growth, learning, and life experience in which a teenager comes to better know himself. Nearing the end of high school and college on the horizon, one must become aware of his personality, strong suits, and weaknesses to better develop himself into a virtuous man. He must grow in many ways both physically and spiritually before becoming able and ultimately being an independent man. Acknowledging this growth of adolescence, Jesuit High School has developed a profile that a Jesuit graduate should display at the time of graduation. I believe that through my high school years I have best grown in my intellectual competence and my commitment to doing justice.
Since coming to Jesuit in eighth grade, I have excelled intellectually in many ways both in and out of the classroom. One of Jesuit’s main objectives is to insure that every graduate has mastered those academic subjects required for success in college. I am on my way to fulfilling this objective, for example, by having achieved a 1310 score on the PSAT, a test on the basic knowledge one has in regard to subjects related to college readiness. This score, which positioned me in the 97th percentile of test takers, shows that I am on track for being a top tier college applicant. I have also began to become more aware of my cultural heritage and cultural heritage of others. For instance, last year I visited Croatia, which my grandparents moved to the United States from, and was…

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