Adnan's Injustice Case Study

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Nobody owns human life, but anyone who takes a life owns death. Guns don’t kill people, Adnan kills people. Adnan is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and here's why. Adnan is the prime suspect in the case of Hae Lee. He was her ex- boyfriend and was send to prison for killing her. The probability of all the event that would lead to adnan being innocent is outlandish. Female murder victim are ninety percent murdered by people they know. Sixthly percent of murdered victim are killed by their exes.Deez Nuts The Nisha call says alot. The Nisha call at 3:32. The Leakin park cell phone pings in the early evening. Adnan claims he had the phone at this time. This means Adana was at Leakin park which Adnan says he was not. It is unlucky a scenarios …show more content…

This shows adnan is manipulative and lacks credibility. Lied about Hae wanting to get back together. Adnan said he didn’t ask Hae for a ride, but eyewitnesses saw Adnan get in Hae’s car. Adnan and Jay were going to get a present for Stephanie( Jay’s girlfriend). They drove halfway around Baltimore, they weren't getting a present for Stephanie. Jay drops Adnan off late for his final class but Jay isn't open to give Adnan a ride to nowhere, he wants to get from Hae. Adnan denies this when asked for but several people state he asked again. Adnan said he was on his way to the mosque with his father at 7pm but in true, he wasn't on …show more content…

Adnan is very calm when the police question him. Most of the time, Adnan’s reactions are very calm and emotionless like when he was not furious or even worried when the police arrived. Adnan has other trait are founded in psychopaths. Adnan is also highly manipulative and charming. Let create dialogue about Jay’s testament. Only superb friends borrow their friend’s car. Why would Jay lie if they were friends unless Adnan done did it. Jay story makes sense because they were said to be burying Hae at linkin park at 6:00-8:00 p.m. When asked about this, Adnan uses the lamest excuse that lier use alot; he does not remember. Adnan dad says he was at the mosque but Adnan doesn’t have a solid alibi before he was at track. The phone records from the Nisha call match up with Jay’s story. Plus Jay somehow knew where the Hae’s car was.
Maybe we will never know who killed Hae but I think Adnan is where he belongs. If Adnan did do it, he is being punished for killing Hae because he is in prison.We are imprisoned in our own mind, Adnan’s prison is one of guilt or pure boredom ; a prison of his

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