Essay on Adolescents in the TV Show Freaks and Geeks

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The media portrays adolescents in television shows as being rebellious, sex crazed, and unreasonable people. Freaks and Geeks, created by Paul Feig and produced by Feig, himself, and Judd Apatow, is a one hour TV show that aired on NBC from 1999-2000. The show centers around the siblings, Sam and Lindsay Weir, and their friends while they all attend McKinley High School. Freaks and Geeks is a show that portray adolescents in a way that the media doesn’t because of the lessons the characters have to learn , the choices that they choose to take, and the struggles they have to endure. Many adolescent have to learn many things from the events in their lives. Freaks and Geeks show characters adapting to the changes in their life and learn …show more content…

Amy Campbell, in episode 17, tell his boyfriend, Ken Miller, that she was born intersex. This causes Ken to question his sexuality, but later on to learn that Amy was the perfect girl for him. This shows that Ken makes a decision to actually show that adolescents make many choices that aren’t just exaggerated out of proportion but are life changing and confusing to one. Another character having to make a hard choice is when Lindsay Weir, also in episode 17, had her question for the Vice President declined. Lindsay in the end makes the choice of asking the Vice President why he decline her question and what he is avoiding. This shows that choice by adolescents are not all about relationships but of politics. This also pushes away the stereotype of youth not being politically aware and have no view on the government. This choices affect her life in a way where she can help her make decisions in her future. Many adolescent have to endure many struggles that may affect the person in a whole. Lindsay Weir in beginning of the TV series had her grandmother die in which she starts to wear her dad’s old army jacket and hanging out with the “freaks” of McKinley High School. Lindsay enduring the event of her grandmother’s death because through the course of the show, she shown no depression that her grandmother was gone or she have accepted the death of her grandmother. This make the show different from other because many show doesn’t show death often because of the

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