Adolf Hitler: What Good Is An Idea?

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Adolf Hitler “What good is an idea if it stays an idea?” –Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was a man of racism and pure hatred for Jewish and non-perfect people. Hitler hated Jewish people more than anything; they say that during the holocaust he had over eleven million people were killed because of this hatred he had. When Hitler was younger he was a good student but his family would move around a lot, which caused Hitler to fail the sixth grade which was odd because he was good in school. As soon as Hitler turned sixteen he decided to drop out of school. Hitler had a passion for fine arts but his father did not like that passion of his. Hitler and his father were not that close, they would argue because of his passion in fine arts. Hitler tried to enroll in the Academy of Arts in Vienna but was unsuccessful; Hitler was rejected because they believed that he did not have enough talent to attend the school. Hitler decided that he did not want to do anything but paint so he stayed in Vienna and produced more than two thousand panting. After he produced all of those paintings he enlisted in the German army in 1914. Hitler was born April 20th, 1889 in Braunau am Inn, …show more content…

If you read back on the history Germany wasn’t in the best place before Hitler either. Germany was suffering in a lot of different ways; they were having economic problems and it was right after the war when they had to sign the Treaty and give up land. Either way I believe personally that Hitler was a good leader but he didn’t play things out in the best way possible. Hitler didn’t even only kill Jewish people, Hitler killed people who weren’t perfect in his mind or opinion, and He killed handicapped people and a lot more, which means that he only didn’t just blame the Jewish people. Hitler made Germany a better place in a lot of people’s

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