Adults With Specific Learning Disabilities Analysis

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The website Great!schools in the article What kids say about living with learning disabilities by: Great!Schools Staff explains how kids feel about their learning disabilities. The fact is that children truly engage within their education and desire to be considered intelligent. They want achievement and acknowledgement from their guardians and educators so that they can be told they are smart. Kids usually do badly in school because they feel dump when they ask for help or is given extra assistance. Whenever they don’t succeed they feel ashamed, get made fun of by other students, and get mad with themselves. A quote from a kid in the article what kids say about living with learning disabilities state “I get disappointed in myself and it…show more content…
Kids would like to speak about their learning issues with others such as friends or family because it would take the pressure off of them and help them feel less isolated. When parents are honest with their children about their situations the child then feels more comfortable dealing with their problems and speaking about them because they know that someone is hearing them out without judging them which helps encourage a child to seek help and feel safe doing so. The website LD Online in the article Characteristics of Adults with Specific Learning Disabilities By: Paul J. Gerber speaks about the characters that adults with learning disabilities display. Adults with Learning disabilities often has an average or above average intelligence this means that its achievable for IQs to be low average too high or even gifted. Adults with LD display a large range of crucial characteristics that are challenging for them throughout their everyday lives. If an individual didn’t accomplish certain academic skills while they were in there were in school, it will still be difficult. Complications occur in subjects such as reading, math, spelling, and writing. It’s common for all of these categories to be
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