Post Tension Concrete Essay

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Post tension concrete is an advanced technique in the construction industry. It promotes higher loading concentrations, longer spans, thinner slabs, lighter structures and rapid constructions. The seventh sense apartment project in Colombo 7 is one of the first ongoing post tension constructions in Sri Lanka at the moment. I wish to observe this technique and intend to identify the setbacks in the system to check the suitability of such a technology in this environment. Currently they are constructing a transfer plate slab which is said to be the first if its nature due to the complexity of the structural design.

Research Context

Concrete is the oldest and most common material used in the construction industry. It consists of …show more content…

It also enables us to construct on impossible soil types. to have a better control of deflection, water - tightness. it also enhances seismic resistivity due to its lower mass.

There are many differences that play a major role between reinforced concrete and post tensioned concrete. The reinforced concrete is a very time consuming system. Each and every steel bar has to be individually placed and tied together. Whereas in the post tension system is not as time consuming. Due to the tendons taking most of the load, the steel quantity is cut down by more than half (usually).

Proposed Methodology

The seventh sense project is currently under construction, so it is the chance for me to observe the construction of such a technology. Since the construction is taking place step by step, it will be easier for me to observe and identify the difficulties of the technology in Sri Lanka.

The post tension procedure is divided into main categories:
• Placing of bottom reinforcement
• Laying of Post Tension Tendons
• Placing of top reinforcement
• Concreting of slab
• Stressing of tendons
• Grouting of ducts (1)

Nowadays engineers are more worried about the safety aspects of a construction. This site has more safety measures than any other site in Sri Lanka due to the nature of its construction.

During the concreting and curing the strands will be protruding at the end, so they should be

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