Advancement in Forensic Technology

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ADVANCEMENT IN FORENSIC TECHNOLOGY Forensic science is a field of criminology that utilizes scientific methods to gather and examine evidence in order to prove or disprove a crime. Forensic science involves gathering fingerprints, palm prints, footprints, tooth bite prints, blood, and hair and fiber samples and bunch of other things in order to investigate a crime scene. Ballistics techniques are employed to make out weapons in addition to voice identification methods used to recognize criminals (Nickell &Fischer, 1999). The lie detector has been used in police investigation since 1921. The modern lie detector was invented by a medical student from University of California. In spite of being frequently used in police interrogation and investigation the lie detector is usually not accepted by the judiciary and is heavily criticized by psychologists. The lie detector records several physiological parameters simultaneously during an interrogation. The principle on which the lie detector works is that certain involuntary physiological changes occur within the body when a person is lying. The theory is that when a person lies, the lying causes a certain amount of stress that produces changes in several involuntary physiological reactions (Nickell &Fischer, 1999). These changes are picked up and recorded by sensors attached to the body. The polygraph computes changes in breathing, blood pressure, pulse and perspiration; pens record the data on graph paper. The individual is
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