Advantage And Disadvantages Of Facebook

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Alternative Strategies, Advantage and DisAdvantage Facebook is the world's largest social network but how can it maintain this advantage? Facebook is reliant on advertising and boast 1.2 billion daily users, however there are only so many people with Internet access and so many places the company can display ads. Facebook will need to be proactive and take risks with allocating its products, markets, resources, and technologies over an extended period of time to keep its standing as the world’s largest social network to maintain its competitive Advantage (David, David, 2017, p. 501). Strength and Opportunities (SO) strategies are aimed at improving internal strengths to take advantage of external opportunities. Facebook is the largest social media network (strength) in the world with over 1.3 billion current active users (David & David, 2017, p. 412). However, only about 50% of Facebook’s revenue comes from outside the United States (opportunity) (David & David, 2017). An offered (SO) strategy is to invest in market development. Market development involves introducing present products or services into new geographic areas (David & David, 2017, p. 138). Advantage: market development is a Focus strategy and most effective when consumers have distinctive preferences or requirements allowing for concentrate on a particular group of customers, geographic markets (David & David, 2017, p. 147). Disadvantage: market development is also known as an intensive strategy because
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