Advantages And Disadvantages And Uses Of Uber Services

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Most of the users are adopting Uber services just because of the high degree of safety provided by them. Women users prefer Uber more because they should feel the sense of safety. They should be informed about the application easiness, price advantages and also usefulness about the Uber services. More videos should be released expressing the app easiness, price discounts, offers etc. so that more customers will start using Uber services as their means of transportation. Especially women who are divorced or widow will be having a feeling of insecurity should feel the sense of high safety to adopt this service. The advantages should be made aware of the women who don’t know driving or who doesn’t own a driving license, etc.
This Bar chart says that users strongly agreeing with the suggestion of installing a panic button in Uber so that in case of emergency traveler can press the button which will directly alarm at the nearest police station. Very few who feel they are strong enough to deal with all these types of issues alone are strongly disagreeing with this suggestion of panic button in Uber. Majority of the women users are strongly agreeing with the installation of a panic button may be because they had already faced a bad experience in their travel or scared to leave their girl children alone in
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These variables were adopted from the literature reviews and made face to face interviews with around 10 women Uber users in Kochi still, among those four variables, two of them are showing insignificant. Maybe a question regarding the perceived usefulness and perceived price advantage interpreted negatively by the responders or adequate questions are lacking in numbers. A number of responses are also low that is only 186 was the sample size from overall Kochi district for the
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