Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Hopper

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CHAPTER 3: Implementation

3.1) Prototype

3.2) Construction and Working
In this machine, the hopper consists of mixture of the sand, cement and water is placed over the semi-open type radial impeller. The impeller is connected with the electric motor through shaft. The power is supplied to the electric motor. Now appropriate quantity of slurry is fed to the impeller through hopper. Now due to the rotation of impeller slurry is displaced by the application of centrifugal force & it will acts on the wall with required velocity.

3.3) Components Semi-open type Radial impeller

Electric motor





3.4 ) Material selection

Components Materials
Semi-open type Radial impeller Aluminum, Titanium

Electric motor -
Galvanized Iron Sheet …show more content…

Improved worker health and safety through a reduction in the manual handling involved in the normally exhausting and repetitive plastering process. Through introduction of innovative technology, the plastering trade will become a more attractive career choice. Improved plastering quality and decreasing the plastering time.

Features of automatic wall plastering machine which overcome the limitations of existing machines:

There is no requirement of air compressor, pumps, and nozzles as compared with other machines. There is less maintenance is required because of lesser number of components. Easy to operate even, Single worker can operate the machine. It is less expensive than existing machines. It will avoid wastages of the mortar, thus to save the cost.

Disadvantages Process takes long time Consumes additional human power The labour cost increase skilled workers are required Low quality work Wastage of material is high


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