Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cell Phone In Class

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Imagine that you are in class and you don't have your phone because your teacher took it away. Then all of a sudden someone comes in with a gun and starts shooting rapidly. You don’t know what to do because your phone is in your locker or your teacher has it in his/her desk. The students in Dubuque Community School District are not allowed to have their phones in class. They have to have them off and in their locker. Having a cell phone in class has many educational and communication benefits along with teaching individual responsibility.

Having a cell phone in class teaches responsibility. Mr. Freehan, a Spanish Teacher at Redwood High School in Visalia Cali, says that he is still perfecting the best way to manage having students work on devices that also happen to be sources of distraction with the likes of Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. He says that he wants to teach them not to abuse their privileges. (Wells) Also Mr. Freehan has certain rules about being able to see their phone so that they aren't using it to cheat. The students use phones almost all of the time in class. They can't use them during tests and when they do use them they have to have them on their desks in plain sight so that he can see them. If they do any of these things they will get it taken away. (Wells)He says that when they see Instagram and other social media sights it's tempting, but it is all about self-control.

Also, having a cell phone in class has many educational uses. It can be used

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