Pros And Cons Of Cell Phones In School

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In each school there are absurd rules; ours by far has the most. Ok I get it, the staff is trying to us learn with a cleaner environment, but they have to be able to understand that phones CAN help you learn! Phones give us opportunities to hold many useful things such as calculators, passwords, and our schedules. I can see that they would want to take it away because it is “distracting”, but I honestly think that it is more distracting not having it then actually having it, now all we can think about is checking our phones. Although much of the public debate is against it, there are pros associated with allowing cell phones in school. These advantages should not be ignored since cellphones in schools can actually add value to the …show more content…

Parents can easily keep track of their children using cell phones, so in case something pops up during school hours, the child will just contact their parents.

Mobile Learning: It is very important for students to be in a position to learn from anywhere at any time. The education world is changing and many scholars are attending virtual classrooms. Online education is now becoming more popular than before, mobile phones have also helped in the growth of M-Learning (mobile learning). Unlike a computer, cell phones are light and easy to carry.

I believe that those are the most common but here are some other reasons:

The slowness of the Computers. Without phones to listen to music on, kids need something to listen to music on. But, with this, it makes the computers run a whole lot slower. It takes almost double the time to get from one thing to another. Waiting for tabs to load can take out of class time that is needed.
Keeping tabs. Every parent’s worst nightmare is not knowing where your child is. Many cell phone providers now offer a tracking option that will allow you to locate where your child is (or the nearest cell phone tower). This way if the school calls and says your child is absent, and you cannot reach them, you are able to track them down to make sure they are safe.
Forget something? Whether it is their lunch, basketball shoes or homework, we all know that kids will be kids and that forgetfulness is a part of human nature.

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