Advantages And Disadvantages Of Consuming Meat

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1.0 Introduction

Meat is one of the main consumed food in the world in past decades when compared with other types of food items. There are many advantages and disadvantages of consuming meat. The main advantage is that it contains proteins, vitamin B6, B12 and several other growth factors which are essential for the cell growth and immunity. The disadvantage is animals are injected with antibodies and several hormones such as estrogen, testosterone to boost their growth. Hence, it causes cancer, early puberty in girls. Therefore, the regular meat consumption is not recommended. As per literature, meat considerably causes weight gain and lead to heart disease and cholesterol. Because of the ethical issues and conditions mentioned above, …show more content…

Beef products are relatively higher than other meat items. As a result, vendors or companies tend to mix expensive meat with low-cost meat to increase the weight of the meat item and sold for lower costs in the local market to attract the customers. Also to reduce the quality and to make the appearance good, vendors tend to do fraud adulterations. Sometimes, as a result of poor organization or cleaning up of the area and instruments which used to prepare processed meat, the meat products may prone to contaminate. For example, the grinders that used to grind chicken may not be changed to ground beef, pork or mutton. Hence the leftover minced chicken meat will be blocked in the pipelines and it will push through only when the beef goes through the machine. This may be done purposefully to economic perspective or unintentionally due to poor hygienic. In order to prevent contamination, instruments have to be cleaned daily and if possible use separate grinders for each meat type. The staff has to be trained well in an organization and hygiene. Accordingly, the fraud meat adulterations can be minimized and thereby economical allegation and safety risk will be reduced (Hui,

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